Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why Don't I Listen...

to my mommy instinct?

I have been feeling pretty certain that there was something not quite right about The Conqueror's behavior for the last few weeks. As I've mentioned, his sleeping (and, thus, mine) went to hell and he has been a cranky pants. I had this nagging suspicion that it wasn't just teething or being spoiled, even though that was the consensus amongst my family. I just didn't want to appear like an overanxious mother so I ignored these feelings.

Well, I should've listened to my inner Super Mom. She was right. RxMan and I took Her Highness and TC to the ped this morning and he has either the beginning or ending of an ear infection. Ah-ha! That is what I was most suspicious of, too, because his cries were often pained. So, the doc gave us specific instructions on what to watch for and a prescription we are to fill only if he worsens. I feel pretty certain that he is on the tail-end of it because last night was markedly better than the previous two weeks.

As for Her Highness, well, she has either strep or mono. The rapid strep was negative but the results are pending on the full-blown throat culture. Because of her other symptoms, the doctor was also thinking it could be mono. Great. That won't show up for ten days so, hopefully, she will be all better by then but, if not, it will require a blood test.

So, the gist of this is I was right. And I should've trusted my gut that the boy isn't just a raging spoiled monster. The poor little guy hasn't been feeling well. Now, I feel really bad for being frustrated with him.


The Egel Nest said...

Don't feel bad...about not knowing and about not following your gut...that is what doctors are for...to tell us is there REALLY is something wrong!

The Egel Nest

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Don't feel guilty.. we can't know it all. The babies will be fine, and really... frusteration, even if you know what is causing the behavior, goes hand in hand with motherhood. It's all in how you handle the frusteration, and from the sounds of it, you did just fine.

HOpefully the lil ones will get to feeling better soon, which means you will too! Hang in there... it will pass.