Friday, September 28, 2007

Haiku Friday

Whining, Crying, Tears

Baby has not been happy

What is wrong with him?

So, I know you are probably tired of hearing what a cranker I have for a son. Me, too. It reached epic proportions, though, yesterday and I am convinced there is something going on with him. He cried for about 6 hours of the nine he was awake. Now, it wasn't full bore tears the entire time, but a lot of fussiness and whining. I would blame it on teething but my friend Jodi said, does he have a full set yet? This sort of alerted me that maybe it isn't teething and I have been blaming a lot of unhappiness on that. So, today we are waiting to see how he behaves and will be calling the ped if the cranky monster rears its ugly head because this SAHM just about had it yesterday. I was ready to pull my hair out. I had bad thoughts that scared me. Of course, RxMan was working and is unable to come home on a whim, my mom has shingles and my friend Steph was away. Sigh. It was not a good day to be at home, alone, for 13 hours with an unhappy dude. So, fingers crossed for a much better day; so far, so good.

Oh, and it is Haiku Friday, wanna join us??


WorksForMom said...

Great haiku, not so great cranky baby. Wishing you a better day today!

Secret Agent Mama said...

I'm sorry to hear
That the baby is cranky
Hang in there Mama!

Patois said...

Knowing it will end
eventually does not
help now, am I right?

Bradley Egel said...

We have all been there!


The Egel Nest