Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nine Months Old!

Is it really possible? The Conqueror was born nine months ago today. It was cold then and we were barely out of the haze that was Christmas and New Year's. His birth, a repeat C-section, was so much better than that of Her Highness's seven years before. I knew this time it was a section, I was prepared for the pain, recovery and surgery. And, I was very relieved not to go through two days of failed labor before a major surgery.

Now this boy is crawling like an expert. He is pulling himself up on everything. He chases the cat all around. He hollers and has four little chiclet teeth. He waves. Backwards and frontwards. He trolls around on our furniture. He seems to be a perfectly normal little boy.

The sleep thing, which I have bemoaned too many times on this blog, is an issue for us. He isn't consistent with any of it. He will sleep really well for a week and then be up three or four times a night for three weeks. He naps. Some days. Others he only teases me.

Looking back over the past nine months, I am so surprised at the speed in which it passed. I doubted that I would be nursing after a month because it just wasn't easy for us, for a number of reasons. Now, it has been nine and he still loves it and, for the most part, so do I. I cannot imagine not spending that time with him; in fact, it is the only time during our day where he actually will be held quietly in my arms. Sure, there is the occassional biting, which does suck, but it is rare and not worth giving up on this.

Some days, okay, lots of days, I wonder what I was thinking by having another child after so many years. Seven years baby-free is a long time and, in many ways, it was like starting over again. I thought that I would be better prepared than I was with HH and, in some ways, I was. But, in many, I wasn't simply because I had forgotten. I don't worry so much about clothes and what he is dressed in. I don't worry as much about the state (of disorder) of my house. I do fret over his sleeping and I am no more patient this time than last.

Despite all of those things, I cannot imagine my life without this child. He is a gift from God and I am so glad we decided to take the plunge and have him. He is worth all of the headaches, tears and concern that he has caused (and will cause, I know).
Note: HH is an Oreo fiend, in case you were wondering after seeing the three packages of Oreos in the photo.


Allie said...

Good Lord, Tone, TC looks JUST EXACTLY LIKE YOU!!!!! Not because he is eating Oreo's & Twinkies...that part kinda reminds me of RxMan!

Too Cute!!!
Hugs and Kisses to All!


VDog said...

Wow!! He is so big! My Little Man is two days older, but completely shrimpy in comparison! (He WAS eight weeks early though, and very very long, so he doesn't get any chub really.)

Congrats on the birthday!