Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I've Got Good News And Bad News...

The good news is The Conqueror was only up twice last night. Did you hear my sigh of relief? He is still a cranky little dude but at least I got more than a couple hours of sleep in a row. Thank God.

The bad news....Her Highness is sick. Her tummy hurts. She has also a sore throat, sniffles, fever and achiness.

Being the Sherlock Holmes that I am, I have begun to suspect The Conqueror has the same thing HH does but is unable to describe his overall crappiness; thus, the incessant whining and unhappiness.

Hello? Dr. Gupta? Look out...We're coming to visit today.

1 comment:

WorksForMom said...

Oh NO! Say it ain't so.

Isn't that usually how it works though? I love that rainfall jumperoo by the way - very cute! It looks like he loves it.

I hope your princess feels better soon and you get some much needed rest!!