Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Technologically Un-Inclined

I am not technologically inclined. I'm not. I try to fake it but, eventually, my secret leaks out. When I returned to college a few years ago, I was stopped dead in my tracks with the way technology had infiltrated the classroom. When I began college in, gulp, 1993, no one in my dorm had a computer. No one. I went to a university that had 17,000 on campus and my dorm housed around 300 and there was not a computer in the place. There were labs scattered around campus and only about half the computers in the labs even had Microsoft Windows on them. Personally, I had never used Windows in '93, despite the fact that my dad had had a computer in our home from the time I was in third grade. We always had an IBM compatible computer and used, I think it was called, First Choice.

So, as I was saying, when I returned to college, I was overwhelmed by Power Point, BlackBoard and all the other programs I was pushed head first into. Luckily, I was familiar with the internet because we have had a computer but I was a SAHM who emailed and surfed (okay, shopped) more than anything else. I was fortunate enough to be in class with some really nice 18 year old kids who thought it was freakin' hilarious that I couldn't Power Point or IM and they gave me a crash course. Most everything else I know I have picked up by accident or a tongue-in-cheek visit or call to Tech Support at my university.

Now, though, I am blogging. And I like it. I love to read all about your lives and enjoy giving you snippets of mine. The problem is I am jealous of your knowledge of how to do things like "go pink for October" and just honestly don't have the time to look into learning more about it. So, bear with me as I am still a newbie at this blogging business. I am going to commit some time over my Christmas break to joining the 21st century with my blog. I want to list all of the cool blogs I read. I want to put the Haiku Friday logo on my posts but, alas, I am not advanced enough at this juncture to doing it.

I am determined, though. I am. Mark my word, I am coming. I am.

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WorksForMom said...

Hey, with a little practice you'll be a blogger genius! If you need help, just ask - you might be suprise just how much help you get! Love the pink font - perfect for Breast cancer awareness month!!