Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm Growing Up

I went shopping yesterday in Columbus at Easton Town Center. It is a shopper's dream. Well, at least a shopper from MyTown's dream. We have two Wal-Marts, two KMarts, Kohl's and a mall. Our mall consists mainly of stores geared toward teens so not a lot of choices for moms or little kids.

I essentially went shopping for Christmas outfits for my children and to do a little early Christmas buying. I had some discount certificates (read: coupons!!!) for my favorite kids stores and they expire Sunday so I wanted to use them. Moreover, as a master put'er-off'er, I am procrastinating from school work which I couldn't do some 50 + miles from home, so...

My mother, RxMan and The Conqueror accompanied me and we had a surprisingly good day. I bought Christmas outfits which I love. Had a yummy lunch and enjoyed the company of my family. (Her Highness was at school and then in the care of a neighbor afterwards, in case you were wondering where she was.)

I discovered something, though. With two kids, I cannot justify the purchases I could a year ago. It seems pretty crazy to spend $75 on one item for Her Highness. Not that I couldn't have. In fact, RxMan was of the opinion to just get whatever I wanted to because she is still his little princess. But me?

No way. I just couldn't. I tried. Oh, God, did I try. I wanted to. But, I couldn't. Some of it has to do with the fact that Her Highness is growing like mad right now. She has outgrown clothes that fit a few weeks ago and she is going to be taller than me sooner rather than later (not a difficult feat, but still!). Also, she doesn't really care (yet!) where her clothes come from as long as they are pretty and comfortable.

I have to wonder, though, am I growing up? Am I becoming more practical as I age? I think the answer to both questions is yes. A few years ago, it was nothing for me to spend hundreds every season on Her Highness's clothing and then half of it go unworn.

So, although I did splurge and get her a really cool birthday outfit, her clothes will not be coming out of swanky designer stores or off the pages of Cosmo girl. No, not anymore. Her momma has wizened up and won't be doing that so much. There will be a day, I know, when the issue of clothing will matter so much more to her than it does now so I should take the money I am saving by not buying designer and horde it until then, no?


Patois said...

I like your plan of stashing it now to have when she really must have those $150 pair of sneakers/jeans/boots.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Haha, good plan!

You know, I've been buying Braden's clothes from places like Ebay. If you stalk and search long enough, you can find great (brand name) clothes at KILLER prices.

He is wearing used clothes, and they are still way better than the ones I am wearing. ;-)

Toni said...

Oh, yeah. My kids are always dressed ten times better than I dress. That's being a mom, I guess....