Monday, October 15, 2007

Full of Crap

We had a really bad night last night.

And, a bad day so far today.

The Conqueror, as I have mentioned , has been Sir Cranks-A-Lot for the last several weeks. I blamed it first on teething. Then, I thought he had a cold. Then, I was convinced he was just a rotten, spoiled monster.

After our godawful night, RxMan and I decided that something was wrong. Our cranky baby had turned into one crying out in pain. For hours and hours. We took him into see the pediatrician first thing and he was as alarmed as we were at his pained crying. He ordered a series of X-Rays, ultrasound and a barium enema.

Turns out my little boy had good reason to be a monster. While the tests all came back negative for everything, we did learn that our son was impacted with stool throughout the small intestine and almost into the large intestine. It took two (2!!) barium enemas to clear out this little child.

My husband, who earned a platinum star for parenting today, endured these tests with TC. He volunteered so that I wouldn't have to help hold him down during this ordeal. (Am I a lucky girl or what????) He soothed our son and was a rock for me when I needed one the most.

So, our hopes are that this was the cure-all for the crankies that have plagued my dear little son for a month now. Keep your fingers crossed.


The Egel Nest said...

I love the title...though vulgar and hard to picture...good job husband...I think I would be selected for that duty (no pun intended) also :)

The Egel Nest

WorksForMom said...

Oh crap is right. How is it today? I always say some days you're the bug and some days you are the windshield ... :)

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Aww poor lil guy! I like WorksForMoms anaolgy on life.. she's 100% right. I hope lil man gets to feelin better now!