Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 4: Worst Gifts I Have Ever Received

1. A Tree.
I was 21. Lived in apartment. Not really practical.
2. A Hyacinth.
Given for my 16th birthday at my uncle's funeral calling hours. Classy, huh?
3. Clothing saying stuff about dieting.
Just. Not. Funny.
4. A Book On How To Improve Your Troubled Marriage.
Given by my aunt and we weren't having trouble.
5. A Used Sweetshirt Bearing My High School's Logo
Another aunt who was a yard sale junkie and proudly told me she got it at a yard sale after I opened it.
6. Tweety Bird Chia Pet
My Mother In Law gave this to me the second Christmas I was married to my husband.
7. Tweety Bird Slippers
MIL gave to me the first Christmas I was married to my husband. I loathe all cartoon character clothing.
8. Satin Hummingbird PJs from National Wildlife Federation
Given by, guess who?, MIL for my birthday about 4 years ago; they were made for the 80 year old in your life.
9. Rotten Hillbilly Teeth Pacifiers
Given for son's birth by MIL.
10. Maternity PJs
When I wasn't pregnant; given by MIL.
11. Rooster Deviled Egg Plate
Given as wedding shower gift by MIL.
12. Necklace with S pendant
Given for birthday by MIL; my name is Toni!
13. Red Boy Outfit
Received at my shower for my daughter (&, yes, we knew it was a girl)! Giver? MIL!

My in-laws do. not. like. me. Did you catch that?

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Chris said...

Ouch - nothing is better than what the MIL gives you. :) LOL at the marriage book though!

Neptunebaby said...

Great list! Happy TT.

Neptunebaby (aka: Toni)

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Hey... at least she acknowledges you at all.. it could be worse...

Who the hell am I kidding?

I'd be rockin the tweety slippers though, just because I'm sure they were that obnoxious.

Too funny!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh my, I grinned the entire time I read this list. Perhaps your MIL has a (very) strange sense of humor. ;-) Better luck this Christmas!

mom huebert said...

Sounds like MIL has the gift of giving the wrong gift! What a funny list!

WorksForMom said...

A hyacinth? Surely you jest Toni! This list made me laugh OUT LOUD!

Dontcha love the MIL's.

Robin said...

Now you'll have to let us know what you get this year!!

Patois said...

On the other hand, you can rub it in her face that her precious son is having intimate relations with you. (I forget what your blog is rated, so I used a phrase suitable for a PG rating.) Dude, she hates you.

Nicholas said...

That list is a 13-part definition of thoughtlessness! The marriage book is the most insulting gift.