Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Day at the Pediatrican's Office

RxMan and I took The Conqueror to the doctor today. While we were there, I got a chance to check out the other people in the waiting room; I am nosey, I readily admit. RxMan claims that he can't have a conversation with me when we are dining out because I am too busy listening to the conversations around me. As much as I hate to say he's right, he is.

Back to the doctor's office, though. As we sat waiting on our turn, two teenage girls entered with a baby. Initially, I was alarmed at the dress and appearance of one of the girls. She was pierced in several places on her face, had inordinately high heeled boots on and hair that was multi colored. I should probably stop here and remind you that I live in a pretty small community. A very conservative and sheltered community. There are not a lot of people around who wear these sorts of clothing and piercing to the pediatrician's office. But, as I am trying not to be judgmental, I make a note to myself not to judge a book by its cover; perhaps she is a fine person and is just a little less conservative than the rest of us. I try not to focus on her skimpy clothing and look at the baby, as they are sitting directly across from my family.

I, um, overheard that the baby is nine months old. I was unable to determine whether the baby was a boy or a girl because it was wearing a gray sweat suit. The child was clean and well dressed so I was chastising myself for being narrow minded. Then I, um, overheard the child is a boy named Dallas. He was almost as rambunctious as my son so I smiled at the girl knowingly, patting myself silently on the back for being friendly.

Then I noticed something shiny in this boy's ear. Did I see that right? Surely not. I tried to catch another glimpse without being creepy-stalker momma. My fears were realized. This nine month old baby boy had his ear pierced. His ear pierced!?!

I was alarmed. I was disgusted. I was...being judgmental again. I tried not to. I can't help it, though! So, RxMan and I had a lengthy discussion about whether I was being hypocritical (Her Highness had her ears pierced at 1) or not. So, weigh in. Moms and Dads, would/did you pierce your son's ear(s)? At what age is that appropriate? Did I freak out because I am way too conservative? What do you think??


Kellan said...

I would also have been shocked. I guess they are just young - we have such a different way of thinking about some of this stuff - ya know. Take care.

Patois said...

I would have been shocked but I am shocked at little baby girls with their ears pierced. (Although, strangely enough, I am not shocked at my Asian friends who pierced their daughters' ears because I know the cultural influences.) Anyway it took me until I was 23 to screw up the courage to get my own ears pierced, so that's why I'm pretty much not pro pierced ears for most. Gender-wise, yeah, I think it's a greater mistake to do the boy's. I think, for boys especially, it should be up the kid to express a desire for a pierced ear. I'm done rambling now.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

It does seem strange to see a baby boy with pierced ears but times are changing, and next he may have his belly button pierced!!!! We can see some wacky things in this world.Baba

WorksForMom said...

I think that's too young. My word. Having said that, I know some other friends who disagree and have had the same thing.

A baby BOY? WTF?