Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ten Months Old!

Today, my boy, The Conqueror is ten months old!

In some ways it seems like he has been a part of my life forever. He has melded into the fabric of this little family so well that it is hard to even imagine our lives before him. For months, I would still forget, for just the eensiest second, that we even had him. Like when signing a card, I would automatically sign RxMan, Toni and Her Highness. I didn't even stop to consider writing his name, too.

Now, though, he has managed to stake his part in the family. He is the earliest of the early risers. The boy rarely, if ever, sleeps past 5:30am. RxMan and I used to bemoan Her Highness's waking at 6:45 on non-school days. Now, 6:45 seems like heaven. He is loud, too, and difficult to ignore (much like his father). He worships his sister and has begun to say something that sounds a lot like her name when she enters or leaves a room.

The kid is a waving fool. He loves, loves, loves to wave. A special greeting is the two handed wave which is reserved for only the most special of people (ME!). He pulls himself up and is trolling around furniture and walls and walking with his walk behind. He eats well and loves his veggies. He has six teeth, as of bedtime. He bites. Hard.

Everyday I am amazed at what he is picking up; he is truly a sponge. I am also amazed at the way in which he interacts with my daughter. That is truly one of the greatest joys of having him; seeing Her Highness be a big sister. She was destined for the role and the mutual affection is immeasurable. Seeing them together makes me feel like all of the difficult days (nights!) are worth it.

So, I am feeling a little weepy today. I would hit pause on the remote control of life if possible and keep him at this age. He is still a baby but I watch the baby ease more into the body of a toddler each day as he acquires new skills and grows. He doesn't want to be held for snuggling much any more; those days have passed. But, he has begun to do something that is a pseudo-kiss where he opens his mouth wide and lays it on your cheek and if you move at the right time, you don't get bitten. He also has started laying his head on you and saying, "ahhhh." We have decided this is giving "lovies".

It is always a give and take in parenting, I know. He learns a new skill and moves slightly more away. It is my job to raise him, I realize, but I had forgotten how painful even these little letting go's can be.


Bradley's Mom said...

Hi there!

Your little guy is so gorgeous!

I remember so well those mixed emotional feelings! My kids are all grown now, but still it lingers.

You want to see them grow up and it's great to see each stage, but it also hurts to see each one go!

Treasure each is truly so fleeting!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Patois said...

What a beautiful little boy you have there, inside and out. I can see why you get teary thinking about him. Give him an extra hug, and tell him it's from that crazy lady Patty (AKA Patois).

Nap Warden said...

What an adorable little boy! I know what you mean...there is a part of me that wants them to stay babies...stop growing!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

I was holding Clutch the other day and as he lay there looking up at me with his big brown eyes I wondered if I stopped feeding him if he would stay this size forever.

No.. he would scream, but the ache to keep them so small and so YOURS remained.

The Conquerer is a beautiful boy, and boy he looks like mischief! Enjoy it as, like Bradleys Mom said, it really is fleeting.

Kellan said...

This was such a lovely tribute to your precious 10 month old, adorable boy. "He's a waving fool" - I just want to hug him and kiss his little cheeks. Hold him close - time does just slip away.

Rachel said...

He is too too cute!!!
I found you through your award from The Egel Nest (Bradley).
They grow way too fast! My little one just turned one and the other one will be four in a couple of weeks and I'm stumped as to where the time went!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Toni,Thanks for sharing your family with us.Babies are special and grow up too quickly....Your blog is refreshing and I will come visit again. Baba