Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Christmas Tree Rug

At dinner last evening, Her Highness, RxMan and I were discussing Christmas and Christmas trees.

Her Highness: Am I going to get my little tree in my room again this year?
Me: Yes. I don't think we're going to put up a tree in the family room this year, though.
Her Highness (alarmed): What?! WHY!?
RxMan: Well, between the cat and your brother, the tree will get trashed.
Her Highness: Oh. (pause, contemplating) Well, just put the rug out and send Santa a note and that will probably be fine.

We are planning on putting up a Christmas tree for the entire family; I was just joking with her. The tree will be surrounded by a baby fence to keep the demon cat and our rambunctious son out of it, though. That'll be purty, huh? Incidentally, the rug she mentioned is the tree skirt but she apparently thinks it has some sort of magical significance other than just covering up the tree stand and wires.


Kellan said...

This was just precious and hysterical (rug?!)! So cute - they figure out everything, don't they? See you soon.

Patois said...

Do you know what mistake we made a few years ago? We let eldest have his own tree. Two kids later, we're up to four trees. I'm hoping we can just skip a tree for the "family" and we'll just stick our gifts under their trees.