Sunday, November 18, 2007


My son has recently taken to sticking his fingers in my mouth and fishing around in there. I would like him not to do this because...well, it hurts and I don't want him doing it to others. So, yesterday I was playing with him and he jabbed his fingers in my mouth and scraped my lip and I groaned out loud. He stopped and then continued his fishing expedition.

Hoping to curtail this, I pretended to cry. When Her Highness was small, I could make her cry by just feigning crying and I thought it might show him that it made me unhappy. So, I puckered up my lower lip and made all the whimpering noises. He stopped. He looked at me intently. He opened his mouth and...


Really, really hard.

Yeah, this kid will be the death of me. I can tell.


Patois said...

Two words: demon spawn. I use them frequently to describe my youngest. You may feel free to do the same.

WorksForMom said...

You do realize he has already trained YOU, right? Right.

You're right. This may be a long 18 years and I'm in the same sinking ship myself!

The Egel Nest said...


Sammy also likes to play in my is weird...but it does not hurt so

The Egel Nest

Kellan said...

Such a cute story!!! My kids used to constantly want the ice from my mouth - it was always a good way to get free kisses. Take care - Kellan