Monday, September 10, 2007

My Son Loves Boobs!

I am not a person who is very open or out there about my decision to breastfeed The Conqueror; I am not embarrassed but I am a very modest person and, for me, breastfeeding is a private, wonderful thing for my family. That being said, if you are a breastfeeding mom who chooses to do it publicly, good for you! I am not that person but do not want to take that right away from another mom who is working hard, and it can be very hard, to nourish her child.

So, this post over at A Mommy Story really got my juices going this morning. I don't know why America has no problem with Britney, Eve and the likes trampin' around showing off their breasts when a lovely, discreet photo of a mother nursing her infant gets you kicked off Facebook. Can you say RIDICULOUS!??!

Again, as I have mentioned, I am not a breastfeeding nazi. I formula fed Her Highness for a variety of reasons and it was fine. I could explain some of the reasons that I chose to stick it out with TC but the truth is I found it to be the right choice for me. At least we get to make that choice, right?

I hate how, in my family at least, the fact that I breastfeed makes me something of a strange, freakish novelty. At first, family members, would say, "oh, is it time to breastfeed the baby?" Not just feed him but breastfeed him. Whenever it was mentioned the entire group would pause and shudder. There were comments about not wanting a baby hooked to them all the time. My mom would always follow up the conversation where it was revealed with, "Tell 'em, why. Tell 'em about HH's asthma and what the doctor said."

Well, I usually did tell them what she wanted me to. But, I am tired now of sharing excuses why I breastfed my son. I wanted to: damn the asthma, reflux and other issues! For me, it was something I wanted to accomplish and, I am proud to say, I did it. It was sooo hard in the beginning but I stuck it out and, eight months later, we are still nursing successfully.

So, if you are a Facebook member, join Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! group to show support. Thanks for listening to my rant this morning!

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