Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Netflix Rocks!

As you remember, RxMan's birthday was last week. The problem with that, well, besides the getting older all around part, is that he is an excellent gift giver. He is. He always gets me really funny, sweet cards and great gifts. I, on the other hand, have a hard time getting him a good present. Some of the problem with that lies in the fact that the gifts he wants are high-tech and costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

But this year I had a secret weapon. I had been planning this birthday gift since last winter. I got him Netflix. He is a Star Trek, sci-fi nerd. He admits it; I'm not just talking trash. He loves movies but with his schedule at work, it is honestly hard to watch a movie in its entirety in one sitting. Then there is the fact that we are both irresponsible and end up racking up late fees right quickly.

That is the beauty of Netflix, though. NO LATE FEES! Holla! So, I bought him a 4 month membership to Netflix- just to make sure he likes it. He does. Like it. Loves! It! So, far he has received 3 movies and is waiting on the fourth. He said it is the best gift I have given him in a long time. Maybe ever.

So, if you have a techie/nerd in your life, try Netflix. It'll get you some brownie points.

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