Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Sew Easy To Laugh!

This post is for MamaGeek....

I should first say that these pieces of clothing were made for my family by my mother-in-law, with whom my husband and I have a very rocky relationship. My in-laws are not fans of mine. Since our marriage, they have done numerous things to jack with me and my family. Most recently, my husband and his dad (a real bastard) had a blow up on Father's Day and relations are at a two year low. To make a long story short, they have seen my daughter approximately 9 times (she is 8 years old) and my son once (he is 12 1/2 months).

I know some of you will feel that I am making fun of things made for my family with love. This is a woman who has never shown me an ounce of caring or concern. Let me give you an example, when I was being wheeled into my c-section for my daughter, after laboring for 48 hours and not progressing past 4 cm, she shouts (and I mean SHOUTS!) "Doc, don't bring any girls out! We only like boys!" We had known since 18 weeks that I was expecting a girl. She is not a nice person.

Some of the stuff pictured here, out of fairness, is kinda cute. My daughter, though, is pretty particular about her clothing and considers herself something of a fashionista-in-training. Most of it was made without measurements and is poorly sewn, which is hard to demonstrate in this format. The things made for my daughter, I think, were made with a kind heart (that is soooo hard for me to say) because no one is 100% evil, are they?

So, as promised, here they are:

These are "play clothes" she sent for The Conqueror when he was 6 months old. You 're jealous, I know....

This is a Christmas outfit MIL made for Her Highness who made me swear she wouldn't have to wear it. As Tim Gunn would say, "I'm concerned about your taste level."

This is a skirt made of ties for playing dress up.

This is a dress up outfit made for Her Highness. It is hard to appreciate the ugliness with my mediocre camera.

Ah, the robes. This is Lil' Hef kickin' it with so
me Elmo.

This is Her Highness and hers...This one is mine. You know you want it...

And the piece de resistance.... the back of RxMan's robe....

Hope these photos gave you a chuckle on this cold, winter morning!

Toni, out.


tommie said...

visiting from MamaGeeks...

Those clothes are atrocious! Do you just wonder who beat her with the crazy stick when she was making them?

Kellan said...

I'm sorry that you all have such a difficult relationship with your inlaws - sometimes people are so difficult! I hate to hear that they aren't involved with your sweet children - they don't know what they are missing - these grandparents that our so out of touch! About the clothes ... I don't know what to say - I'm speachless.

Take care - Kellan

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I am a major fan of all things tartan plaid, but taffeta plaid puke? No thank you.

And, the tie skirt? You must be kidding.

Ah, our in-laws. Don't we loathe them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I, um, don't even know what to say. Wow. I'm not sure which article of clothing is more, um, ugly! The robes...can't you just picture you and hubby snuggled next to the fire in those robes?

MamaGeek said...

Oh Toni. Toni, Toni, Toni.

Where to start. Where to start.

1) I think our IL's are related.
2) The pj clown pants? HILARIOUS.
3) The plain ensemble? PRICLESS.
4) Tie skirt? SELL ON EBAY!
5) That dress? Oh my. Just oh my.
6) The mini robe? Conqueror makes it cute.
7) The highness robe? The POOR thing.
8) Your robe? That's a ROBE?? WTF?
9) RxMan's robe? SPEECHLESS.

Thanks for posting this. This had me giggling from start to finish. When it loaded, I had permasmirk and I still do now.

I'm serious, my MIL sounds a lot like yours so although, this makes for great blog fodder, I know how frustrating it can be too!



Oh,Toni..hon, I hate that your relationship with your in-laws is so sour....I agree with Kellan...not being involved with your sweet babies is totally their they will one day far as the robes go...little mans is so "Heff"...loved for the are no words.
Thanks for definitely made me laugh.