Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12: Love In a Muffin Cup

  1. 2 boxes Devil's Food Cake Mix
  2. 1 pack Oreos
  3. 1 cup oil
  4. 2 2/2 cups water
  5. 6 eggs
  6. 1 oven, 360 degrees
  7. 50 heart muffin cups
  8. 1 mixing bowl
  9. 2 containers pre-made vanilla frosting
  10. red food coloring
  11. 1- mom, who has time to spend
  12. 1- 8 year old who just wants to help
  13. Love

On Wednesday, Her Highness and I made cupcakes together. She got all of my time and attention, something that happens very infrequently since the birth of The Conqueror 13 1/2 months ago. Usually, she gets tired, frazzled, cranky mommy who is at her wit's end and needs a glass of wine. Not Wednesday. I let her help. And lick the bowl.

Now that is love.

And it is priceless.

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gals only project. And, Love is essential in baking...maybe why mine tastes like burnt tar.

MamaGeek said...

Wow, you're right. And THAT is love at first bite.


You're such a good Mom...I was a tired cranky Mom too last made cupcakes...I did nothing...I suck! LOL....quality time like that is the best!

Anonymous said...

Oh, good for you Toni! Quality time rocks! And those cupcakes rock too...Happy Valentine's Day!

Kellan said...

Such a cute little helper!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet family - see you soon. Kellan

Nap Warden said...


I know it's to much for a jacket btw:) I just wanted it!

Jenni said...

50 cupcakes? Wow. You are such a good mommy.

Laura McIntyre said...

Mmm they look great, i love baking with my kids if i could actually bake