Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quirky Ol' Me

The super fabulous Marie tagged me for a meme where I must list 6 quirky things about myself. Only six?

  1. I lay out my children's pajamas first thing in the morning, usually as soon as they are out of bed. Sometimes, I will lay out pjs and clothes for two or three days in a row even if we aren't dressed for the present day.
  2. I have to shower before I go to bed. Have to. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and shower if I didn't do it before going to bed.
  3. I don't like my food to touch- ever. People who will put new food on a dirty plate, particularly a dessert, gross me out.
  4. My socks must be pulled up and the seam facing the sky or I can't be comfortable in them. I don't like slouchy socks. Drives me insane.
  5. I spell compulsively when I drink too much. It seems to stem from a spelling bee I was duped out of winning in the fifth grade.
  6. I have a knack for remembering dates: birth dates, historical dates, important family dates, old doctor's appt. dates, random dates that stick with me. For instance, I got my period for the first time on May 13, 1986 and I remember the birthdates and phone numbers of every friend I've had from grade school through now. Since having children, I can't remember current appointments but for things that happened in the past, I'm your girl.
So now that you know I'm a total weirdo, join in! I think almost everyone has already done this meme but if you haven't and want to, consider yourself tagged!

Rules: Post 6 quirky things about yourself. Tag 6 people, leaving a comment on their blog so they know and posting a comment here, so that I know I can come and see how quirky you are.


Anonymous said...

The 6th one? SOO me. But, obviously, a history teacher would remember her 4th grade teacher's birthday, right? Or her best friend from pre-k?

The Egel Nest said...

I wish I could remember dates like that!

I have the same sock "fetish" :)

The Egel Nest

Kathryn said...

Ha! That was funny. The spelling bee thing especially. hehe
I'm with you on the food touching thing. Ick.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i have to shower before bed, too! last night, though...i didn't...i couldn't...too tired!!
dates, names, faces, you name it...i remember it!

suchsimplepleasures said...

ooooooh yeah...food touches...won't eat it!! unless, it's supposed to touch but, if it's a funky mixture...ew!


Great list....just wanted to say hi, since I haven't been around in a few days.

MamaGeek said...

You are NOT a wierdo. I do love, however, that your food can NOT touch. THAT's just plain ole funny!

Kellan said...

Those were some quirky things - I loved the spelling thing - too funny! Duped out of - HA! I can't spell worth a crap - but, all my kids are great spellers - I love that! Have a good evening - don't forget to take that shower! See ya. Kellan

Life As I Know It said...

That was a great list.

I have to shower when I get up in the morning. Have to or else I am depressed for the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

You are not so quirky my friend! I wish I had the memory you have! And the shower thing...Mr. Mango is the same way. Love the food touching thing. I have to admit, if I'm getting a piece of cake after a meal, I MUST put it on a clean plate.

Great meme!

Jenni said...

Totally with you on #2. I used to hate my food touching, but now I'm all about the mixing.

dawn224 said...

food should NOT touch! agreed!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you are my twin on #6!

13 July 1986. LOL.