Thursday, February 21, 2008

Short. Simple. Obvious.

It sucks having a sick kid.

I know that you all know this. I do. But doesn't it feel like when YOUR kid is sick, it is the first and only time another person has gone through the horrors of illness? I'll be honest, I have dramatic tendencies and the boy isn't terribly sick but sick enough that he kept me up all night holding him in the cursed chair. He is stuffy and couldn't breath on his back. *sigh* Okay, enough whining.

Go read some pleasant blogs now.



I can relate..poor thing. My two babies were sick at the beginning of the week. I was up all night trying to bring fevers down, etc..hope he feels better soon, and you get some much needed rest.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you've got the hook up with your hubby!

MamaGeek said...

You're right. A sick baby sucks the donkey. Whatever you do, ask your doctor do NOT go to google. :)

Hoping it passes soon my friend. Take care.