Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

My husband, RxMan, is a great father. The best. He is nurturing (probably more than I am, honestly) and as much a caregiver to Her Highness and the Conqueror as I. It's true. He has stayed up all night countless nights holding Her Highness while she coughed due to asthma. He has taken her to many doctor appointments. He cheers at ballgames and beams at recitals.

With the Conqueror, the bond wasn't as strong and instantaneous as with Her Highness. He is a mama's boy. Most likely that is because of him being a boob man- y'know, breastfed. Over the last few months, though, as the Conqueror went from being a slug who slept, ate, cried, pooped, cried and slept, to an interactive bundle of emotions who beams one instant and howls the next, the two men in my life have really forged a strong Daddy and boy bond.

I am blessed to have a man in my life that loves me and my beautiful children enough to choose us, when forced, over his parents. He works a job that he is disillusioned with because he needs to provide for our little family. He is a goodhearted, wonderful man. My children are so fortunate to have a father who loves them as wholly and completely as RxMan does; they, too, are blessed.

Happy Father's Day, honey.

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