Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad Mommy

I am being a very bad mommy today. Her Highness is at latchkey for a day at the pool and William the Conqueror is at his babysitter's house. Aren't I a bad mommy??? I enjoyed a quick lunch with my husband and then called my dear friend Allie, who I hadn't spoken to in too long. Now, I am sitting at my computer in complete and total silence as I keep an eye on the clock to make sure not to be late picking the Conqueror up. Ahhh... it is nice to not have a baby attached to me somewhere! I know he and Her Highness are very well cared for and I am enjoying my few hours of respite.

On another note, RxMan parents are in town. We haven't seen them but they're at a state park 15-20 miles from our home. In-laws..... mine suck. RxMan had to work yesterday and this evening and they didn't call before making their plans so they are not enjoying our company while in the area. I think it is utterly rididculous that someone would drive 2 1/2 - 3 hours from home and not make sure the intended visitee was available. Don't you? I mean, seriously. Not to mention the fact that they haven't seen the Conqueror since he was 2 weeks old! It's true! They suck....

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Allie said...

Hey, Allie here! I totally get the plight of the insane in-laws. I've met yours, and they do suck. Sorry for that, but at least you do not have to see them. No fake smiling for you this week! But I hope you smile while you enjoy your much-deserved break - you are NOT a bad mom!!!