Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The One About Men and Poop

Okay, we have an ongoing situation in my home.

My husband spends entirely too much time perched on our toilet. I don't get it. His feet hit the floor in the morning? He's gotta poop. He eats breakfast? Poop! Lunch? Poop. Dinner? Poop. Home from work at 9:30pm? Poop.

Now, seriously, what in God's name makes it so this man has to relieve himself 110 times a day? Honestly. I go once, sometimes twice a day, if I've eaten outside of the house. (TMI?)

I was beginning to wonder if he was trying to escape my children and myself by setting up camp in our bathrooms. That didn't make sense, though, as there are no TVs in the bathroom and my husband loves him some TV, particularly if there is a Wii and guitar attached to it.

So, then I thought, does he have a medical problem that causes him to need to do THAT 110 times a day? He assures me that he doesn't. He tells me that if something goes in, something must come out. Hmmn.

Then I came to the conclusion that the truth lies in something I figured out about 10 years ago. My husband? Yeah, he's full of... sh...poop.

Is yours?


MamaGeek said...

First of all, I HAVE to know if he read this post? Cuz it's totally aking me smirk!

Yes. I think guys are just full of sh!t plain and simple since this seems like a common phenomena. :-)

Anonymous said...

Men have always been full of s...poop. I know. I change some good ones in the diaper.

He's really into Guitar Hero? That's what I got the hubby for the anni...and haven't seen him sense. Lucky ME!

Janet said...

Not to take the side of the men, or anything, but I read that a healthy pooping frequency is 3x a day. Most of us are walking around chronically constipated. Or maybe it's just the mothers who don't have all that much time to spend in the bathroom. ;)

Kellan said...

I agree with mamageek - men are just full of sh!t - HA!

Have a good day - Kellan

Nap Warden said...

I'm with Mamageek!

Robin said...

Using this standard - yes for hubby and son!
Don't even get me started on how long they need to sit there too!

MEP said...

It seems like for men each visit to the toilet has to be an event as well . . . Do we have any magazines? Where did you put this morning's newspaper? I mean, just go in there and get on with it.

I have always marveled that men seem to have zero qualms about pooping at work (with reading material). Maybe I'm the one with a problem, but I always tried to avoid going number two at work . . .

Thanks for visiting my blog, Toni, and for the comment!


Guys are full of sh-t, 100 %....this post was too funny!

Bradley's Mom said...

This post was so funny!

thanks for the entertainment!!

Have a great day!


wright said...

Too funny! But yes, my hubby goes a couple of times a day. I don't get it, but it's true. I'm a once a day kinda gal.

Laura McIntyre said...

LOL I think thats just men for you,
DH takes a magazine in there and
vanishes for about 30 minutes at
least at a time. I love how when
i need to um..go... it involves
to kids at my feet laughing and
shouting "mummy poo poo"

kristi said...

I guess I am the one full of sh-- err..poop, because every time I eat, into the bathroom I go!

Dana said...

This is too funny, sounds exactly like my house.