Friday, May 30, 2008

Haiku: In My Husband's Words

I love my wife, kids
but I love my Wii the most
Don't tell them that, though

I like to eat wings
Watch sci-fi and horror fims
Unbutton my pants

I leave my socks on
the floor, The toilet lid up
I belch and fart, too

I snore loudly, yes
That is what ear plugs are for
Deal with it, honey

My kids are fun toys
Disciplining not for me
Let my wife do it

I start many pro-
jects but don't finish them all
She'll complain anyway

My husband isn't really as bad as I have portrayed but...these are fairly accurate portrayals of him (sorry, honey!).

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Are you sure we don't have the same husband? Ha...funny. Have a great weekend!

wright said...

HA! I know what you mean about the projects that never get finished!

Life As I Know It said...

Ha! Very funny. Love it!

Mandy said...

Oh man! So true, so true. They don't even realize...

maggies mind said...

Very cute 'ku! Men and women really are different creatures. Just are.

Mariposa said...

This is funny...and yes,we know you don't mean to portray him as's just like a scenario and makes me laugh!

Nice one! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

That is TOTALLY a man. And, projects? HA. I have two broken Christmas ornaments on my kitchen counter that are waiting to be fixed from 2006. And, he'll "get to them soon."

jennifer said...

I COMPLETELY identify!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

LOL!! That was a lot of fun to read.

Come join me for "Silly Monkey Stories" on Tuesday! That's my new weekly meme about children. Hope you'll consider taking part in it.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Kellan said...

They are all like that! Cute Haiku!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Mom24 said...

There must be some kind of weird (ineffective??) cloning going on...this fits my hubby pretty well too! Great post.

Sandy C. said...

Our husbands MUST be related! That described him to the T! Minus the Wii. He makes video games at work, so he gets his fill there ;)

Great job!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Really... I wonder if mine and yours came from the same genetic material.

What I'd give to be able to say "Wait till your Dad gets home!" and it have meaning. The man is a jellyfish with these kids.

Great ku!

Karen MEG said...

That was great ... funny what guys have in common no matter where they are!

Jenni said...

Does he read this?

Too funny, and too familiar!