Friday, May 9, 2008

Haiku: Jumble

Cousins and best buds
Dance, softball, close like sisters
Will it remain so?

Sixteen months has hit
Now he hits, BITES, hollers
What am I to do?

This week was hairy
Busy with mid-terms, projects
Away from blogging

Thank God it is Friday. I have had the longest of weeks! The boy is becoming an ever increasing pain in my...side. The biting is causing trouble at the sitter's house and here. I am afraid to take him anywhere for fear he will take a chunk out of another child. Nice, huh?

So sorry, friends, that I have been so absent here and at your places but school and real life beckoned this week. Spring is busy with softball, extra dance practices and pictures and my own long college career. Now, my husband is running solo at work because the other pharmacist quit (let's all pray to the gods that this guy, who SLEEPS with the help, gets his). Ahh, what a week!

So, what's new with you?


Anonymous said...

i always wanted a firl cousin close to me in age and vicinity or a sister. either would have been nice!

wish i had some sage advice for the biting, my youngest was a bit of a biter but only his siblings. hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

i would have settled for a girl cousin

Head Gaggler said...

I was close with my cousins too. Sorry on the biting. Hopefully its just a phase and will end soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :-)
I enjoyed reading back a bit on yours! We have very similar lives, it seems. (Though I think that about pretty much all the bloggers I read...I think we're all just the same woman spread out all over the world.) ha! Happy Mother's Day!

Bradley's Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Hang in there.....all these phases will pass!


storyteller said...

Such a busy life!
Hard to ‘manage’ everything …
Remember to BREATHE ;--)

Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day!
Hugs and blessings,

MamaGeek said...

I think something is in the air - because life is getting busier and blogging has taken a backseat for A LOT of us lately.

What are you going to college for? And for how long have you done that? How could I possibly not have known about that? Did I miss a post? I'm so impresssed your a FT mom and student - wow, KUDOS to you Toni.

I had a biter too and it has finally subsided (but that phase lasted 4 agonizing months).

Lovely shots. Cute kids. See you at the playdate!

Kellan said...

Cute cousins - reminds me of Alexis and my niece - so close. Sorry about the biting baby - ALL my kids went through that biting stage - it is no fun!

Hope you have a good weekend - Kellan

Missy said...

We have a bit of biting going on, but it is usually when he gets really excited and is trying to play. It is frustrating though. We are having more of a throwing things across the room problem here.

Jules said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. All these things(especially the biting thing) will pass and be just a happy blur.... some day.

Christina said...

Aw, it's so nice to have a friend, and even better when it's a cousin.

I understand being busy. Everything seems to be coming due all at once here, so I've been swamped!