Friday, April 11, 2008

Shanghaied by Ants!

Ants came marching in
And took over my kitchen
Pesky devils, ick

They hit pay dirt here
Goldfish crackers, cereal
Scattered here and there

Now forced to clean up
All the messes, spills on the floor
Take away their food

I don't like to clean
Hate to do floors, dust and scrub
Detestable ANTS!
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suchsimplepleasures said...

we have an ant problem every winter! they come in on the parts of my house that are on a slab. sometimes, it looks like my carpet is moving because there are so many of them. so nauseating!!
and...if i'm pregnant...which i really don't think i am but...if i am...kill me now!! i think 5 children are way more than enough!!

Kellan said...

I hate ants. Hope you get rid of them. Take care and have a good Friday - Kellan

Jenni said...

Actually, I like the ants b/c they force me to clean!!

Nap Warden said...

Ants are the worst...hate 'em!

Anonymous said...

I've been battling them since we moved into this house 3 years ago. Just remember to use vinegar. It destroys the pheremone trails.

MamaGeek said...

Oh crap. Really? Funny you should say that, we had 2 yesterday and I freaked. And I swear they multiply like rabbits!


Unfortunately, it's that time of year again. I usually get those big black ants in my house...not looking forward to that. Hopefully this year they will stay away. Good luck with getting rid of them.

Anonymous said...

my oldest just asked today if there was a venus anttrap and could we get one!!

wright said...

Ugh - Sorry about the ants. I hate 'em too. And I hate cleaning even more!

Happy Friday!

the planet of janet said...

ants *shudder* i HATE ants....

Bridge said...

I love this haiku! I need to get mine more than one verse.

storyteller said...

Vividly … your ‘ku
reminds me of when I first
moved into this house!

Getting rid of ants
is no simple feat, is it?
I do wish you well ;--)

Hugs and blessings,

My Haiku Friday posts this week are:
Joyful Burst of Color and
Of Oddities and Change

Head Gaggler said...

Oh no! We get them when it gets warm too. Yucky little buggers.

maggie's mind said...

Ugh, yep, ants are a real pain in the ass. I have no advice, but I do feel your pain, and it made for a great haiku.

Kathryn said...

Ugh. Stinking ants. Anything creepy crawly in my house is dead meat. Makes me so mad!
Good luck. I hope you get all those little fritters!

Melissa said...

Ants suck.

But it could be worse. I had a scorpion infestation about three years ago. They were little nasty SOB's about the size of my pinky nail. That has been the only time in my life that I totally approved of any chemical necessary to get rid of pests.

Anonymous said...

I totally can't stand ants. Part of it could be that they're way more organised than me. Bleuch, good luck with the cleaning.

tumblewords said...

Wow! That happened to me, too and my cabinets are nearly empty. Strange little pests...they're gone now and I managed to hang on!

Rebecca said...

Ants stink. And so does cleaning... sigh...

Up To My Ears In Mini Horses said...

Your right about ants!!
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Christina said...

We're having the same problem. I've been given lots of good home remedies lately - vinegar, dish soap, peppermint oil, boric acid. I'm using all of them to get rid of these awful ants. Good luck!

Mama DB said...

ugh. we had that problem and I freaked out and called Orkin. We've been ant-free for 3 years now.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

As well as the viniger, mix a borax solution in water and circle your home with it, it stops them from coming in. One year I had the little red ones so bad my poor birds had them in their cages. That's when I discovered the boarx trick and I haven't had ants since. I just do it once when it starts getting warmer and it doesn't seem to mess with what landscaping I have done.

Good luck... oui, those are nasty little things!

Bren said...

Ugh, I hate ants! Good luck getting rid of them.

Robin said...

They've come visiting here this past week too.

jen said...

ants are sooo evil! we have sneaky little sugar ants that creep in when we aren't looking. they drive me crazy!

love your haiku and thanks for visiting my blog!