Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Birthdays & Wiidowhood

My birthday was Saturday and it was a good day.

I got presents (earrings, a Pandora bracelet and charms, gift cards).

I got cake.

And, most importantly, I got my hair colored. (Just because I am eeking up on middle age doesn't mean I have to be sporting the gray, y'know.)

It was a pretty good day. Thanks to all you wonderful blog friends for your birthday wishes; you girls rock! (:

In other news, the Wii is set up.

And I am a Wiidow.

It's true.

My husband was up at 5! AM! Saturday morning playing Wii.

He and my daughter played before church on Sunday, after church and I had to physically remove the nunchucks and controllers from their hands last night before I tucked them in.

Of course, this morning both the big boy and the little girl woke up with Wii tennis elbow and numerous other Wii-induced aches and pains. Ibuprofen was passed out all around.

They are both on Wii time outs until their current disabilities heal up because work and school must come before Wii playing. (Man, am I a witch, or what?)

Also, my house pretty much finished the trip to Disasterville thanks to that little machine.

I am already wondering why I invited it into my home....*sigh*


Life As I Know It said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry you've lost your husband to the powerful force of the Wii...

Love the new blog design!

Up To My Ears In Mini Horses said...

Happy Birthday!!!And my you have many happy returns!!!
I might just take your suggestion and name the mini with Toni in her name. Thanks for stopping by.

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday girly!

My husband is "babysitting" a friend's Xbox while he is out of town.

But, truthfully, I'm kind of enjoying the break! Just don't tell him.

suchsimplepleasures said...

love love love the new look!!
my son won a wii from wendys, last summer. i made him take it to his dad's house because i was sick of everyone fighting over it!! and...i was sick of my husband constantly playing it! and...i was sick of bowling, golfing and playing tennis...in my living room!! i'm so sorry for you! i say, sell the thing on ebay and use the money to spend the day at the spa!!
xoxo...glad you had an awesome birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I warned you of the after effects of the Wii. I'm so glad it's in the media room. The 72" HD tv gives me a headache, so I've rarely played it.

And, MOM! How dare you force them to go to work & school.

Melissa said...

Daaahling....I love what you've done with the place! Eees so fresh and new!

And Happy Bday! Even if you did lose a spouse in the process...

wright said...

Happy Birthday! Too funny about being a Wiidow! I'm sure he'll tire of it soon enough.

Hey - I think we are Tax Swap buddies! YEA!

Head Gaggler said...

Happy Birthday! Love the Wii, tons of fun but sleep is good too!

Anonymous said...

Wanna join my Wii support group? I too am a Wiidow.

Yeah for Toni! A Pandora bracelet...double yeah!


The Wii's powers should be on a disclaimer, before you buy it..lol...glad you had a terrific b-day! I tagged you..if you want to play!

Nap Warden said...

Happy Birthday...that's a great lookin' cake!

MamaGeek said...

That cake is HUUUUGE. I'm in love. You sent me a piece, right? Great! :)

Dayum that Wii!

Janet said...

Happy belated birthday! The cake looks awesome. The Wii, not so much.

Robin said...

It's not bad yet. Just wait till you hear yourself TELLING them to get ON the Wii so you can get some stuff done around the house!!