Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Want My Drink Back!

When you are a mother of an older child or not a mother at all, you forget to relish the small things. Like a good night's sleep. Or an uninterrupted shower. Or a drink. Now, I am not not talking about alcohol, although that's pretty wonderful, too, I am talking about a glass of water, soda (for MamaGeek I say soda, 'cause she teased me for saying pop) or lemondade.

Yes, I had forgotten that having a little one means you never get to have your own drink again.

My son, now fifteen months, sees me with a glass- even an empty one- and starts saying, "yum, yum, yummies". I can be emptying the freakin' dishwasher and the kid sees a glass in MY hand and thinks he needs to drink out of it.


I know I shouldn't allow him to drink after me- halitosis and germs and stuff- but, seriously, sometimes the fight is all gone in me. If letting him backwash into my water and spit it all over himself gives me a moment without him climbing me or shouting "MOMMA", then backwash away, kid.

It has been months since I have had a glass of water ('cause I do not let the little angel have soda pop 'cause I may be bad but I don't SUCK) outside of my kitchen, usually I'm crouched behind a cupboard or hidden behind the fridge door.

I guess having a drink in peace is another thing I forfeit in order to have this in my life:


Jenni said...

I'll let my kids share my drink, but only when I'm finished with it. I just can't stand the floaters!

Anonymous said...

I had a brand new water last week that suddenly had an odd grape flavor. I wonder how that happened! And, I'm laughing at both you & Mama Geek. You say pop or soda & I'll laugh. We don't say either down here. I love you midwesterners. Your accents and words tickle me.

MamaGeek said...

Not laughing AT you, laughing WITH you my friend. We lived in Columbus, OH for 4 years and when we said 'soda' we were fish out of water - we left saying 'pop' - and now we're back to 'soda'.

So where was I going? Ah, backwash. Mine does the same thing and drives me froggin nutz.

Can't a girl even have a fresh cup of H20 anymore?

And what does AFF call soda-pop BTW? Those southerners! :)

Nap Warden said...

I would not be able to live without my Coke. Coke = Life...I know, I need help:)

Btw, my Mom has been calling the little horse Toni!

Gette said...

Drinks to yourself and privacy in the bathroom. Won't be back 'til after graduation.

Kellan said...

Yes, this is true and it lasts for years - YEARS!!!

Have a good evening Toni - see ya - Kellan

suchsimplepleasures said...

i haven't had a drink...aside from coffee, without some kid slobber in it...in 12 years!! 12 long, slobberless years!!!

Melissa said...

In Texas, "sodas" are "cokes".

I usually don't have to share my drink, but I always have to share my snack. Highly annoying.

Joyce said...

He looks so sweet and mischievous; who could resist him?