Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm Back...

So sorry I have been gone from the blogging world. My grandmother from NC is in town for the first time in 7 years and that has been taking up a great deal of time. It is very good to see her; we are all trying to convince her to become a Buckeye again and she seems more than willing but I have an aunt with bipolar disorder who is keeping her in the south for now. Keeping my fingers crossed....


The Conqueror has been sleeping much better. (Not sure if I should be acknowledging this; am I jinxing it?) Was it teething? I don't know but I am now putting him in his own room for all naps and that is going very well. Plus, we had another night with no awakenings two nights ago. Is there truly light at the end of the tunnel? Dare I hope?
Also, The Conqueror was six months old on July 3. Is it possible? Some days it seems as if he has been with us for ever and other days I will forget about him for just a sec. Regardless he is here and is a wonderfully frustrating addition to the family.

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