Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Suck!

I am the worst blogger in the world. It is no wonder nobody reads this; I never post with any regularity. I could make excuses: my grandmother from NC was in town, The Conqueror is not sleeping again, school work, etc. I will not, however. The main reason I haven't blogged (well, besides the reasons mentioned before) is I am not always convinced that my life is exciting enough to share on the world wide web, unlike my friend Allie, whose life is very, very interesting right now.

I live a fairly boring existence. I get up in the morning and take care of Her Highness and The Conqueror until evening when we go to bed. Occasionally, there is a trip to the Mall or Wal-Mart or (yikes!) Starbucks in there but my days are mundane. I think, though, this is pretty common for those of us muddling through the early days of babydom. RxMan and I are of the school of thought that our children (right now that means The Conqueror) and their schedules dictate our lives.

In other words, if The Conqueror is tired, we stay home. If he is fussy? We stay home. Happy? We stay home because that could change at anygivensecond. Seeing a pattern here? It is a lonely existence in many ways. Her Highness has her friends to visit with and really doesn't mind the fact that we go nowhere because she has free reign (get it?) of the neighborhood. RxMan goes to work (for 12 hour shifts again. Ugh!). And I am here. Alone. Many, many hours a day. Alone.

At least this time I have my school work. When Her Highness was born, I was a full time stay at home mom. No hobbies to speak of. No internet knowledge. No neighbors. But a nice case of postpartum depression that kept me pretty good company. Thankfully this time, I am not battling so fiercely with PPD. I'm not sure why but things are better the second time around- at least for me.

No, things aren't perfect. I still wait for RxMan to come home at night and chew him out simply because I had a rotten day. I still dream about hitting the Powerball and having a nanny or manny like Britney Spears (don't you have to play to win, though? sigh).

There is not a lot of drama in my neck of the woods. Unless Her Highness has a spat with another Princess. Or RxMan's crazy boss does something even more stupid than usual. Or The Conqueror gets another tooth. He did! On Friday morning he awoke with his second tooth.

So, for those of you who do read, I apologize for the boring nature of this post.

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Allie said...

Hey, T - Allie here. What is up with you? First of all, your life is VERY interesting and VERY busy. I get it that it's more about TC right now, but nonetheless, your life is cool and you should write about it! Don't let your humor and smartassiness go to waste here, okay? Keep blogging! And secondly, anytime you want to switch lives with me, give me a call. I'll trade you the drama for baby duty any day. (That is, until things get better with New Guy, because I don't want to miss out on that!!!) Love ya!