Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Home vs. Anywhere

We're having a bit of a problem with Her Highness. She will not play at home. RxMan says this is normal, that he did it, too. That, however, doesn't make me feel any better. His mother, as you know, is a psycho. She went on band trips with him. She chaperoned field trips when he was too old for it to be cool. I've met the woman, if she were my mom, I would stay away, too.

But am I THAT mom? The one who is mean and no one wants to be around? The mom who always yells and complains at friends? Am I the embarrassing mom? Already?!

I try to be cool. I make lunch for them and try to only serve peanut butter once a week. I offer them ice cream after meals. I try to joke and laugh at their riduculously un-funny humor. Sooner or later, though, I get sick of them. They're messy. And loud. And irritating.

That being said, though, I want HH to want to be at home. We spent a small fortune on making a raised playhouse thing with two slides for her. She's been on it maybe 8 times. We have swings. We have an electric scooter. So, what is it?

AAAAHHHH! Seven year olds! And to think, she'll be a teenager in 6 years.... ugh!

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Allie said...

Okay, T - here's my attempt at making you feel better about this... You are SO not the mom that yells. Trust me, I've seen (and been) one. You are also not THAT mom that irritates the crap out of other adults. And your nutritional planning beats the heck out of everyone else's I know. It's not uncommon for us to eat peanut butter twice in a day (and not because it tastes so darn yummy, either. It's a convenience issue). That being said, I must say the following... Someday you will learn NOT to spend large amounts of money on kid crap because ALL kids LOVE to play at OTHER kids houses - even though they, too, have weird parents, eat peanut butter, and own the same old toys. It's a kid thing. You are a great mom!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Allie