Sunday, June 15, 2008


When I met my husband I thought he was a really nice guy. I thought he was courteous, polite, respectful, and a little dorky. But I didn't even think about what kind of dad he would be, 'cause, well, I wasn't looking for someone to father babies.

Well, let me tell you- I sure hit the jackpot. My husband is right up there in the realm of superhero dads. It's true. This man was born to be a father. He delights in his children. He endures dance recitals with a smile (and, yes, he got to go!), he cheers at softball games, he changes crappy diapers with little complaint. He even gets up at 5:30am every. single. day. and lets me sleep in just so he can play with his son before he goes to work.

So, on this day, I say thank you to him. I thank him for my beautiful children, Claire and Liam. I thank him for his help and love. I thank him for being a part of our lives.

Happy Father's Day, RxMan.

Now, all of YOU: stay away from the pharmacy today. Seriously. The man needs a break and you can get your meds tomorrow or at Walgreens, CVS or Eckerds. So, let all the dads who work today have a break and stay home! Thank you very much!


Nap Warden said...

I feel the same way, I got lucky in the Daddy department for my babies! Good for both of us:) said...

Yay Ed for being an awesome dad.

MamaGeek said...

Aww, beautiful post. How could he not be GREAT when he's married to our Toni!

*Cancels her online RX refill for Sunday*