Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wii All The Way Home

As I type, I am expecting the UPS man to bring something to my door that just might make me a widow.

Our Wii is on the way.

My husband is a big kid. Really.

When I met him, some 11 1/2 years ago, I was amused that he had a Star Trek phone that sounded the red alert when it rang. Funny, no? It was endearing that he spent half his paycheck on CDs and VHS tapes. A 100+ collection of shot glasses were displayed as predominantly as pictures of his parents (gag me with a spoon! About the parents, not the shot glasses. How do you think he got me over there in the first place??).

I enjoyed the fact that he was young at heart. The children of my friends and my young relatives loved playing with him; in fact, my cousin's little boy, then 3, said that he thought my then 25 year old fiance was 11. This was wonderful, right?

I have curtailed most of his childish ways. The Star Trek phone? Totally gone. The CD and DVD obsession is curbed thanks in part to Netflix and children. And the kid that is still in him? Makes him a great dad. But the dude still loves video games.

So, at Christmas, I contemplated buying him a Wii. I decided against it because we were planning to build a family room in our basement and I really didn't want him playing his toy in the middle of my living room. So, I didn't buy the several that I saw with plans to get him one for our 10th anniversary and another fancy TV to go with it.

Who knew that the freaking things were going to be impossible to find??

So, a few weeks ago, as the construction crew was banging around downstairs, I diligently began calling the local stores daily trying to score me some Wii. It was fruitless. With a fourteen month old, I couldn't go park at Wal-Mart standing in line for the afternoon in the hopes that they would get some in. (And, FYI, just because the Evil Empire that is Wal-Mart employs my husband doesn't mean the butt lickers will hold one for us. Oh, no! God forbid!)

My husband is growing frantic at this point. I had promised him a Wii for our anniversary (March 7) but didn't deliver. The basement construction was wrapping up last week when he slipped into full on panic. It was a conspiracy! The Wiis were being hoarded by....well, someone! We were never going to get one! The sky was falling! Run!

Then, an act of kindness by the good Lord himself befell us on Friday. Wal-Mart's website had Wii bundles available. My husband was seriously a kid in a candy store. Which games to choose? Which accessories? How long until it comes?

So, we ordered it.

I had orders today to stay home (he asked nicely, of course, because he is a nice, polite boy) in case I had to sign for the blessed Wii (do you hear the angels singing ever so softly in the background each time those three letters come across your vision?).

The Wii comes today and the TV comes Friday. It was really a good ten years of being married. I will miss him. *sniff*



Congrats on the Wii..I hope to get one for my boys this year..maybe with our economic stimulus check we are supposed to recieve this May/June....sorry your husband will be missing in action. I don't have to worry about those things with my hubby, he hates video games and all sports, except for Nascar/fishing...those are his vices. Happy Anniversary! What his he getting you?????

Nap Warden said...

Girl, if we had one of these in the house...the place would fall apart. I can not be trusted with it. Best for me not to get one...

Christina said...

My husband is still a big kid. I won't even tell you what percentage of our income goes to comic books each month. Plus he plays City of Heroes online all the time.

We have a Wii, and so far I like it. There are plenty of games I'm interested in, and the girls will like it when they get older.

Good luck with getting your husband to eat or sleep now that you have it.

Anonymous said...

Wii are loving ours. Even the nearly three year old likes to bowl. My spouse is also a bigger child than the child. It's a man thing.

Head Gaggler said...

WTG. We love the Wii. I did get for the kids though, but we play it too!

Jenni said...

I hope you guys have a blast with it!

Your husband sounds a lot like mine. And yeah, they make great dads!

Life As I Know It said...

Glad you found one.
Watch out though, you might get sucked into playing too! I've heard they are a lot of fun!

MamaGeek said...


The way I look at it, it's a form of exercise, right? All that moving and stuff. It MUST count.

Have fun! And don't forget you get a payback gift for yourself now.

Judith Shakespeare said...

Oh my... I'm so sorry for your upcoming loss! (But if you want to get a few laughs and actually revive him from the dead every once in a while, hide the controllers. :)

Janet said...

My husband is so not a gamer, which is a constant source of angst for our son who would like nothing more than a Wii.

Melissa said...

Well, we both like video games, and it was strangely important for him for the kids to have the uber cool Wii for that first Christmas it came out. I think he just wanted them to be able to say that they had one.

Anyway, it is fun. I got Guitar Hero for my bday. That is strangely addictive...:)