Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some People's Kids

So, I don't hate all children. Really, I don't. Even though after the last post, one might be concerned for the welfare of those who reside in my home and around it. Truly, they are safe. I was having a bad couple of minutes when I last posted and all of the children in my 'hood are present and accounted for.

I did, however, have another encounter with yet another of Her Highness's friends on Sunday that made me want to call and rat her out to her dad; I chose not to, though. Her dad, you see, is a spanking daddy- really hard. So, I resisted the urge and just ignored the fact that this Princess called 8 times in a row! Yes, 8! Times! I was nursing an ever cranky Conqueror who is working so, so hard at getting his third tooth (came in Thursday!) in and it is drivin' him and me CRAZY! (Really, I have tried to get RxMan to procur some Xanax but he claims he will get fired for doing so. Likely story!) So, I am ignoring the phone and it eventually stops ringing. Fine.

Then the doorbell starts being punched. Repeatedly. Now, I am getting really pissed. But, I am stuck in a chair with a baby whom I do not want to disturb. So, I ignore the 11 times (!!!) Princess S rings the bell. My blood was boiling by this point and I really wanted to come out and stick the doorbell... well, you know where.

When TC is finally asleep enough to lay down, I grab the phone and find her number on the caller id and call back, set to tell on her and get her in trouble. In the seconds it takes for the phone to dial, I reconsider. As I said, Princess S's dad is a spanker and spanks mostly when angry. An angry dad spanking a tiny 7 year old sounds horrible to me. (I saw this dad (Rock) spank his then 20 month old son too hard for whining once and it broke my ever lovin' heart so much I considered calling Children's Services but RxMan said the boy had it better at home than in foster care and we would have to move, so....) So, I sucked it up and put the phone down. I didn't want to be the reason this child got hit. Sigh.

So, again, I am anxious for school to begin. Not really to get rid of HH but her friends. HH is a huge help with TC and he will miss her terribly.

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