Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Note To Allie....


We have been friends for nearly twenty years now. I value and treasure your friendship in a way that words cannot express and sincerely believe that my feelings are returned. While distance has caused us to see each other and speak less, I still feel a bond with you that is inexplicable. Friendship with you is fun and easy; you can finish my sentences and appreciate that I say "dude" too often and that I still crush on Lance D.

I am concerned for you. As I said in our Friday evening conversation, I want the best for you and I am unsure that Mystery Guy is the "best" for you. I see hurt coming from this relationship.

That being said, I do not want my feelings of concern to impede on our friendship or relative closeness. I wish I was more of a throw caution to the wind person but, alas, I am not. You know that about me. That is why your mom always let you go with me even when you were grounded for all of 1992! I am that conservative, safe, worrying person- for better or worse.

So.... I think of you 1000 times a day. I apologize for not calling and expressing the fact that I do think of you often and love you more than any other friend I have. I feel like we are sisters sometimes. (You got the height, of course.) I should have called. I, however, figured that you didn't want to hear my worries, which could be taken for disapproval.

Do I disapprove? Well, yes. I do. More because of the pain that I think will result from this situation. I sincerely believe that you deserve a man who can give himself to you wholly and without reservation and I don't believe Mystery Guy will ever be that for you.

That, of course, is only my opinion. It is your life. And I so want to remain a part of it. I will only say that I will pray for you and wish you the best. I will not be avoiding you and hope you feel the same. Thank you for reaching out.

I love you.

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