Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As Promised... Ugly Outfit Pictures

So, here is the photo of the "clown" outfit MIL sent to The Conqueror to play in. Note: it has velcro along the inseam for ease of diaper changes. Fancy, huh?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Forsooth: A Tooth!

Quick! Stop the presses!

The Conqueror got his very first tooth! (That explains the long nights and the constant all day fussiness.) He spent a few hours today with his babysitter while RxMan did things here and I did school work and we think it came in during that time because it definitely wasn't there when he left.

My little guy is growing so quickly. (sigh) Isn't he adorable???

One down. Nineteen to go.

Drool, Drool Everywhere

In a household where we have a very orally fixated, nearly six month old, drool is everywhere. It is not as bad as having a bloodhound, mastif or shar-pei flinging slobbers here, there and everywhere but The Conqueror produces a lot of liquid. This has been going on since he was about ten weeks old; we go through upwards of 8 bibs a day. And we don't change them just because I think he needs a new look; oh, no, they are dripping and saturated with baby drool.

In addition to the baby who cannot keep his hands, toes, and anything else possible out of his mouth, we have a very prissy seven year old and many of her friends around. Her Highness loves The Conqueror; she really does. And he adores her in a way that delights me (and her) to no end. She is not bothered by his crying. She loves his laugh. His poopies and stinkers make her giggle. She cannot, however, handle the drool.

When it first began, my mother and family said, "oh, he is teething!" Well, four months and countless loads of slobber-soaked laundry, we still have no teeth. The Conqueror drools in our hair and (eek!) mouths when we hold him above our heads like an airplane. He slobbers on our clothes when he chews on them, our hands, toes, cheeks and arms when he gums them. Her Highness is, or should I say was?, thoroughly grossed out by this.

A transformation occurred a week or so ago. Her Highness and her royal friends were playing with The Conqueror and he slobbered all over one of the friends who shrieked and freaked out. "He drooled on me. Oh, gross! Drool! Yuck!" Her Highness was offended: "it is just baby drool, Princess, relax." She then proceeded to pick up The Conqueror (carefully, of course, and with me standing by) and say, "drool on me, buddy." Of course, he happily obliged and blew a raspberry in her face for good measure. Giggling ensued amongst all involved. It was truly a new day!!!

So, now the once dreaded drool has become the cool fashion accessory in my house amongst the posse of seven and eight year old girls in our neighborhood. The girls proudly show off their darkened slobber spots when The Conqueror gets drool on their clothes. They hold their (clean, of course) hands and arms near him so he can anoint them with the sacred spit. There is still much shrieking when the slobber is flying but now in delight instead of horror.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Sad Day

So, I've been having a week. The Conqueror has been unusually fussy and difficult during the day but, for the most part, is sleeping much better at night. This is difficult for me because I want him to sleep well day and night. Am I expecting too much from a not quite six month old?? Last Sunday night, for the very first time ever, he slept 10 hours. Ten hours. Diez horas. It was so great...not that I slept that long. Oh, no. I was up from 2ish - 5ish worrying if he was dead or not. I know that is weird and morbid but, hey, that is me. I am a worrier. If there is nothing truly wrong in my little world, than I worry about other people's stuff.

Last Sunday, I worried if my precious boy was still breathing. Turns out that he was - thank God; however, the good nighttimes are not necessarily translating into good daytimes. As I mentioned before, I believe he is truly teething so that is a factor, too. But his napping is down from around five hours a day to two. By the time RxMan comes home at 9PM, I am wiped out. I want to kill him because he gets to leave and I just want to go to sleep but feel obligated to stay up until he comes home because Dr. Phil thinks it is best for our marriage.


So, I was already having a bad week when the story about Jessie Davis broke. I suspected that it was the creep of a boyfriend (who is already married) but had hoped she just ran off and, oh, I don't know, joined the circus. I was, sadly, right. This is what kept me awake last night: another pregnant woman murdered, along with her full-term, unborn child. So, so sad. I found out in my Gender Communications class last quarter that pregnant women are 8 times more likely to be the victims of violence than nonpregnant women. Stress is cited as the cause: financial, emotional, etc. What happened to the days when men just up and left and were never heard from again? The fact that this child and its mother are dead is haunting me. Not to mention the fact that there is another 2 year old whose mother is dead and father is on his way to prison for murdering her in front of him. (shudder)

No lighthearted posting here today. I am horribly saddened by these turn of events, as well as learning of the suicide of a local mother of three. Again, not really someone I had a personal, close relationship with but she was a patient of a dentist I worked for some 8 years ago. I am down about all of this senseless loss of life. I wonder what is really so bad that it warrants taking your own life?

So, today, despite all of my personal blessings, my heart is heavier than usual.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So, I am having computer troubles for some freakin' reason. You'd think that if you spend $40+ a month on road runner, that it should work, right? Well, it works... sorta. I cannot get to certain websites; I think it is my firewall/security/Norton that is blocking them but I am so computer illiterate I cannot figure out how to turn it off or modify it. Whatever....

MIL sent a package here today of crap for my kids. Did you notice I said crap? I am not just saying that because the Wicked Witch from Northwestern Ohio sent it; oh, no. It is crap. She made the Conqueror and Her Highness "play clothes". Yes, made them, as in sewed them. By Hand. Are you getting an idea? Allie, you know. You saw that monstrosity of an outfit WWNO made for Her Highness for Christmas. I am going to try to figure out how to post photos on here so you can enjoy the ugliness with me from a distance. RxMan said in regards to the Conqueror's outfit: "What, is he a baby clown?" Imagine red, orange, green, blue checks with red pockets and triangle red buttons all wrapped up in bib overalls! Not to mention the fact that the Conqueror is 5 months old- he does a lot of intense playing that requires a particular wardrobe. (Note the sarcasm.) Whatever....

So, I don't know if that is a sorry attempt at an olive branch from the idiots up north or what. RxMan says that his mother was just getting rid of any odds and ends she had gathered/made in their effort to purge us from their lives. I, on the other hand, lean towards the fact that she is suffering from a broken/bleeding/aching heart because she is aware of what she is now missing: 2 beautiful, perfect children and the son she adored (kind of a little too much, if you know what I mean). In any event, RxMan says they are no longer welcome here until his (sorry excuse for a) father apologizes to me for his mistreatment and rudeness. Heard the weather report from Hell lately, anyone?? Oh, well. Whatever...

In any event, I have to say I am oddly flattered by RxMan's protectiveness of me and my blemished honor. This is not a sign of him I see often. Not to say he isn't a good guy; he is. A great guy. But one who avoids conflict. At all costs. Like the plague. I am attracted to this knight in shining pharmacy coat that has popped up out of my mild-mannered husband. I didn't want this ugliness to occur between he and his (sorry excuse for) parents but it was/is nice to see this macho-ish side to my adorably geeky RxMan.

Oh, well. The Conqueror is teething. And on a nap strike for the third day. Whatever....

Monday, June 18, 2007


Okay, from my previous post you probably gleaned that RxMan and his parents have a shaky relationship at best. Well, yesterday, they pushed it to a whole new level.

RxMan called to wish his dad Happy Father's Day. My husband was angry with them because they came to our county to camp at a local state park at a bad time for us and he was unable to see them. Well, his father was waiting for RxMan to call; he never answers the phone but yesterday answered before the second ring. He basically chewed RxMan up and accused him of always calling their home to fight with them; he said that they were tired of being the bad guys and RxMan being the "victim". He insinuated that I had intentionally kept RxMan and our children away from them. At the end of the horrid conversation that is too nasty and evil (read: evil) to write, he wished my husband a "happy life" and hung up.

I was shocked; surely, they did not just wash their hands of my husband!? So, I called back. Not to fight- honestly. To try to reason with them that despite their dislike of me, it wasn't worth not having anything to do with RxMan. It did not go well. You will be proud of me, though, I did not swear or yell. I tried to keep my cool and did not speak in any mean way to the man who is legally my FIL but for all accounts and purposes is a big, terrible jerk: the Antichrist's brother. He outright said that I had kept my husband and children away from them and he did not care to hear one thing I said. He turned the fact that he and his wife hadn't seen our now seven year old daughter from the time she was 4 months old until she was 5 1/2 years old around on us. He rewrote history by saying all Her Highness's birthday parties had been on Sundays intentionally so they could not come because he worked Sunday nights. There was a whole lotta lying going on. My call was fruitless, except for the fact that he finally admitted that they did not like me although they "love me because RxMan does". What?!?!?!

So, my dear husband is without parents. They have written him off. Personally, I think he is better off because they only used and abused him for the ten years that I have been in his life; however, they are the only parents he has known. He loves them and really wanted to share his life and family with them but they cannot have a relationship with anyone who does not do exactly as they (namely, his dad) wish. He is such a good man and my heart aches for his loss. He, though, has seen it coming and was able to get many things off of his chest that have been bugging him for years. RxMan is taking this very well, likely because they have been so absent in our lives since we were married over 9 years ago.

Thankfully, my immediate and extended family love my husband (more than me, most of the time). We have wonderful friends who have been filling the void left by his folks for many years and that will undoubtedly continue. I am vowing here and now that I will not be the MIL that I have had. Please keep me honest to this oath....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

My husband, RxMan, is a great father. The best. He is nurturing (probably more than I am, honestly) and as much a caregiver to Her Highness and the Conqueror as I. It's true. He has stayed up all night countless nights holding Her Highness while she coughed due to asthma. He has taken her to many doctor appointments. He cheers at ballgames and beams at recitals.

With the Conqueror, the bond wasn't as strong and instantaneous as with Her Highness. He is a mama's boy. Most likely that is because of him being a boob man- y'know, breastfed. Over the last few months, though, as the Conqueror went from being a slug who slept, ate, cried, pooped, cried and slept, to an interactive bundle of emotions who beams one instant and howls the next, the two men in my life have really forged a strong Daddy and boy bond.

I am blessed to have a man in my life that loves me and my beautiful children enough to choose us, when forced, over his parents. He works a job that he is disillusioned with because he needs to provide for our little family. He is a goodhearted, wonderful man. My children are so fortunate to have a father who loves them as wholly and completely as RxMan does; they, too, are blessed.

Happy Father's Day, honey.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad Mommy

I am being a very bad mommy today. Her Highness is at latchkey for a day at the pool and William the Conqueror is at his babysitter's house. Aren't I a bad mommy??? I enjoyed a quick lunch with my husband and then called my dear friend Allie, who I hadn't spoken to in too long. Now, I am sitting at my computer in complete and total silence as I keep an eye on the clock to make sure not to be late picking the Conqueror up. Ahhh... it is nice to not have a baby attached to me somewhere! I know he and Her Highness are very well cared for and I am enjoying my few hours of respite.

On another note, RxMan parents are in town. We haven't seen them but they're at a state park 15-20 miles from our home. In-laws..... mine suck. RxMan had to work yesterday and this evening and they didn't call before making their plans so they are not enjoying our company while in the area. I think it is utterly rididculous that someone would drive 2 1/2 - 3 hours from home and not make sure the intended visitee was available. Don't you? I mean, seriously. Not to mention the fact that they haven't seen the Conqueror since he was 2 weeks old! It's true! They suck....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hello, cyberspace!

Okay, so the title is a little...uh, silly? Lame? Oh, well. What else was I to call it? It is a nod to my love of literature and books and reading, as well as the two greatest things I have ever created: my lovely children. So, if it is a bit on the corny side, so what? Any other suggestions??????

So, I am blogging. Yay, me! I have intended to start a blog for some time now but life, as it does, got in the way. I was inspired by a dear friend from way back who is going through a divorce and started a blog to help sort through her stuff. Fortunately for me, I am not in the middle of such ugliness, but I decided to take her lead. So, Allie, thanks for the push!

I am in between quarters for the college degree which I started, uh, fourteen years ago. Has it been fourteen years? OMG! I am 33 hours from graduating and I have no declared major. Nice, huh? I know what my intentions are but I have yet to make the appointment, fill out the paperwork and declare it. Honestly, I am a little scared to go in for the appointment; this major is supposed to be declared when you have 45 hours left or more. So, I procrastinated and am afraid to face the consequences. A continuing theme in my life....

So, I close now, readers. Thanks for tuning in for my first post. I have a goal of four times a week checking in and writing something.

Let me know you're out there....